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Following meeting of the Judicial Legal Council has been held. Reports of relevant bodies of the CoE regarding judicial reforms that are carried out in Azerbaijan were discussed within the meeting.

It was noted that, progressive judicial reforms which have been recently carried out in Azerbaijan, also selection process of judge candidates attracted attentions of reputable international organizations.

Therefore due to its interest in selection process of Azerbaijan the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) set up reputable expert group and the group directly observed the selection of judge candidates.

The European experts who highly apprised the multi stage selection process, as well as taking of examinations of the all candidates in single exam hall with the participation of local and international observers, announcing of questions and results of exam in the same hall, broadcasting of all exam processes via web, conducted discussions and analyzed national regulations by holding several meetings with representatives of local and international organizations on the selection procedures.

Within detailed reports that were prepared by the CEPEJ experts, activity of institutional bodies that responsible for selection process and selection process that meets demands of European standards were emphasized, therefore the process was distinguished as transparent, objective and pureness.

During the meeting of the Commission that was held on 7th-8th of December the report on Azerbaijan experience was widely discussed, where 47 member-states of the CoE took part in. By adopting special decision as a conclusion of the meeting, positive experience of Azerbaijan was appreciated as an exemplary.

Development, modernization of judiciary in Azerbaijan and establishment of new infrastructure, large-scale works on application of modern ICT's were paid special attention in the meeting, and Azerbaijan was marked as a leading country in investment and implementation of progressive practice. Azerbaijan's being the first country that publishes CEPEJ's reports that includes information on training of judges, analyses of judicial systems in Europe was specially appreciated.

Activity methods on selection of judge candidates were appraised as a positive example in report of the EU and the CoE within the Project on Strengthening of Judicial Reforms in Eastern Partnership and other member-states were advised to refer to this practice.

Resound of Azerbaijan's positive experience of progressive judicial reforms that are carried out according to the assignments of the Head of State on improvement of efficiency of justice was estimated as a great success of Azerbaijan and the best gift to the 20th Anniversary of State Independence. Also continuation of judicial reform will be carried out more intensively henceforth.

Also presentation of "Taraggi" (Contribution to Progress) medals to several judges according to award of the Head of State due to properly discharge of duties was ceremonially held within the meeting.

By making speech Mr. Fikrat Mammadov, President of Judicial Legal Council, Minister of Justice accentuated on importance of providing relevant assistance to the Head of

State on successful continuation of judicial reforms that was launched by the National Leader, noted that rewarding of several judges is not only trust, it is also an obligation.

Rewarded judges expressed their thanks the Head of State for highly appreciation of their activity, said the they will do all of their best henceforth to administer the justice with worthiness.



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