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Within the measures implemented on increasing the efficiency of judiciary, the selection of candidates to the post of judge is being continued in Azerbaijan on the basis of progressive and transparent procedures.

Oral exams were held during a month since the 16th of November by the Judges Selection Committee with 176 candidates who succeeded in testing and written exams in the current year.

During the exams that held in an open and transparent manner and with the attendance of international and local observers, the candidates were asked 5 questions on the various areas of law and each of them answered these questions during half an hour.

In order to create equal conditions for candidates and ensure objectivity, the exam questions were prepared every day directly before the exam at the auditorium and they were answered by the candidates. The questions enabled to determine candidates level of knowledge, ability of fluently expressing their thoughts, ability of drawing logical conclusions and their general outlook.

Daily observers of the exam stressed that the process was held transparently and objectively and all conditions were created to determine candidates knowledge.

In accordance with the exam results, 126 candidates who scored 60 and more points were permitted for long-term training courses.

At these courses that will last for a year, preparation of candidates to the post of judge will be ensured and they ll be taught on subjects relating to the efficient organization of work at the court, court ethics, human rights, fight against corruption and other topical issues by the attendance of reputable international experts. As well as, candidates will undergo internship at the courts and their learning of progressive international experiences in foreign states, as well as in the European Court, is planned.



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