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The Judicial-Legal Council held an extended meeting with the participation of chairmen of all appellate courts, heads of judge associations, as well as civil society and media representatives. At the meeting, the duties arising from Decree of the President on the Deepening of the Reforms in the Judicial-Legal System dated April 3, 2019 were discussed.

Chairman of the Judicial-Legal Council, Minister of Justice Fikrat Mammadov, informed about comprehensive socio-economic reforms aimed at improving people’s well-being in our country under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, touched on progressive measures to improve the efficiency of justice.

He particularly underlined the importance of simplifying and improving judicial proceedings at the initiative of the head of state last year, including the creation of an electronic enforcement mechanism. He noted that as a result of appointments made by the country’s President full complement of majority of judges’ vacancies, as well as the Supreme and Appellate Courts serves to prevent procrastination, timely and quality case review.

In the meeting noted that reforms in this area have entered a qualitatively new stage with the signing of the program character Decree on the Deepening of Judicial Reforms, it was emphasized that it was the "road map" for the establishment of the judicial-legal bodies at the level of contemporary requirements, and the immediate implementation of the recommendations and assignments has begun.

It was noted that the recommendations and assignments on establishment of a new court, in order to facilitate the access of the entrepreneurs who play an important role in the economic development of the country, formation of a single judicial practice, humanization of criminal policy and decriminalization of offenses, strengthening the social protection of judges and court staff, improving infrastructure and procurement of courts, application of "electronic court" information system, as well as increasing the number of judges in 200 units will have a substantial impact on the development of the judiciary in our country.

It was noted that the task ahead on improving mechanisms to prevent outside interference in court proceedings and strengthenning accountability measures in this regard serves to strengthen the independence of the judiciary. Was emphasized the importance complying with the strict of justice, lawfulness, impartiality, publicity, ensuring equality before the law and other principles of justice in the judges’ activities.

Speaking at the Judicial-Legal Council, Chairman of the Supreme Court Ramiz Rzayev stressed that the President’s Decree promotes reforms in the judicial system, noted the importance of ensuring the legal approach stability and formation of a single judicial practice, development of relevant mechanisms in this area.

Specific instructions were given at the meeting on creating a hot line in order to ensure the independence of judges, to prevent interference to their activities and other negative circumstances, improving the assessment of professionalism of judges and court chairmen, in order to ensure transparency and objectivity in judiciary conducting regular monitoring to ensure electronic publications of court decisions, electronic case distribution and inadmissibility of non-procedural relations.

For this purpose, it was decided to establish information and communication technologies as well as the Court Monitoring sectors in the Judicial-Legal Council. A working group has been set up to work together with relevant bodies to improve the effectiveness of justice and improve the judicial activity, and a comprehensive plan of action has been developed and adopted.

Speakers at the meeting, including representatives of civil society, emphasized that the Decree set forth important tasks, expressed profound respect to the head of state for the importance attached to the development of the judicial power.



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