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The Decree “On deepening of reforms in the judicial-legal system” signed by the President Mr. Ilham Aliyev on April 3 leads to systematic realization of the reforms in this field in new stage in accordance with modern challenges. The Decree, which is an important “road map” for justice and judicial system, is started to be executed by the Ministry of Justice urgently. As well as, continuous enlightenment measures and public debates are held about the essence of this important document.

There was held a briefing on the theme of “New stage in judicial reforms” on April 11 at the modern building of Baku city, Narimanov district Court by joint organization of the Ministry of Justice and Press Council.

The event was attended by the leaders of the Ministry of Justice, Judicial-Legal Board, Bar Association and Press Council, judges and other lawyers, deputies, civil society and mass media representatives.

Large public discussions about the essence of the Decree of the head of state “On deepening of reforms in the judicial-legal system” on 03.04.2019 were emphasized on the opening of briefing, the importance of the present event in full and detailed notification of population about the essence and directions of this important document was also mentioned.

Later on, the leaders of the relative structural organizations of the ministry, the apparatus of the Judicial-Legal Board and other speaking persons made speeches on exclusive importance of this Decree in making and deepening of reforms in the judicial-legal system, legislative and institutional innovations, propaganda of alternative mechanisms, strengthening of advocacy and on other themes.

It was noted that, consecutive measures are continued on improvement of profitability of justice judgment by the leadership of the head of state, judicial system are modernized, citizens’ accessibility to the courts is simplified, and important works are carried out with relate to more operative and qualitative consideration of works, increase of transparency in the courts and enhancement of electron court system appliance.

The legislation regulating judicial activity is always improved. Just at the end of the last year, by the initiative of the head of state, solid amendments were made to the Civil Procedural Code and the Law “About the courts and judges” for the purpose of increase of profitability of the courts’ works, making of judicial execution in electron form, more quick and simplified consideration of works, as

well as for distribution of court decisions, automation of judicial statistics, establishment of condition for appeal to the courts by the citizens.

It was noted that, the Decree signed on April 3 is an integral part of the reforms realized in judicial-legal system, being a next manifestation of exclusive significance given by the head of state to the judicial power. For the purpose of organization of the execution of the Decree stipulating the realization of complex legislative, institutional and practical measures, the Ministry of Justice established Coordinating Commission jointly with relative organizations and the measures plan is approved and realized.

Some important duties defined for the Ministry of Justice by the Decree were touched at the briefing, as well as there was emphasized holding of measures on preparation of new law projects regarding humanization of punishment policy and justice and judicial activity, modernization of activity of Forensic Expertise Centre and Academy of Justice, large appliance of “Electron court” and “Electron execution” information systems, propaganda of mediation institute and international arbitration procedures, study of the practice on appliance of alternative mechanisms of execution and expertise activity.

It was stated in the speeches that, the Decree of the head of state serves to more reliable provision of judicial protection of citizens’ rights and increase of public confidence in justice judgment. Timely and due execution of this important document will make conditions for strengthening of independence of judicial power, prevention of outer interference in the courts, prevention of non-procedural relations, procrastination and other negative cases, provision of timely and fair execution of court decisions, increase of transparency, decrease of judges’ workload, more qualitative consideration of cases, rendering of more quick, simple and alternative services to the population.

There was also held question-answer session, exchange of ideas among the participators and the journalists’ questions were responded.

At the end of the event, they became acquainted with the modern building of Narimanov district Court and “Electron court” information system appliance, and media-tour was organized.



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