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Recommendations and instructions of the President of the country on improvement of the judicial activity are always in the center of attention and the measures on their implementation are being implemented. By the Decree dated 03.04.2019 "On Deepening of the Reforms in the Judicial-legal system", which is of particular importance in the organization of judicial activities in accordance with modern challenges, has been set important tasks in this area, as well as the judge staff was increased by 200 and new specialized courts have been established to reduce the workload of judges and for timely and qualitative consideration of cases.

An open and ongoing competition for the selection of judges has been announced to complete the newly appointed judge staff at the expense of lawyers with high training and moral qualities. Up to 150 lawyers, who have successfully passed the exams, take part in the next stages of the competition, including 44 persons have been selected for training courses.

These courses will also teach important and relevant topics with the participation of influential local and international experts, who will be trained in courts as well as in foreign countries to study international experience.

The course was opened at the Academy of Justice on January 30 with the participation of the Minister of Justice, Chairman of the Judicial-Legal Council Fikrat Mammadov.

The Minister of Justice, wishing success to the candidates and giving necessary recommendations, gave a wide lecture on the essence of progressive judicial reform in our country.

He said that our country has been steadily developing and strengthening through the way of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, thanks to the strong political will and tireless work of the President Ilham Aliyev.

The President`s multilateral reforms also cover the judicial and legal system. Judicial system and infrastructure have been modernized over the past period, new courts and judicial institutions have been established, the most transparent judges` choice as a model in Europe has been established, and the "Electron Court" information system has been put into operation.

Increasing international interest in the reforms carried out in our country, the achievements of the judiciary in the country have been awarded with the Council of Europe Award "Crystal Scales of Justice", and also the World Bank`s nomination for innovations in this area.

The Minister stressed that reforms in this area have reached a new level with the Decree of the President of the Republic of April 3, 2019 on deepening of judicial and legal reforms, which is a "road map" for the justice and judicial system, he noted the adoption of important laws on its execution, including the formation of a unified judicial practice, the creation of separate specialized courts for disputes over entrepreneurial activity, and the improvement of judicial expertise and brought into notice more important forthcoming duties.

It was underlined that the effectiveness of justice, increase of trust and confidence of citizens depends directly on the activities of judges. The judicial system emphasized the importance of the representation of persons who differed in the judicial system in terms of their moral purity, as well as their fairness and impartiality, and their attentive attitude to the people, and the need for constant exaltation.

The course was then followed by a workshop with the participation of Spain`s international expert and legal professor Juan Barata Mir on issues of transparency in court activities and its ethical aspects, correct communication strategies, and presumption of innocence. An extensive presentation was held, and the questions of the candidates in this field have been responded.



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